Statement of Pride

Shreya is committed to the business of healthcare
and to be in global health & part of it.

Towards the successful achievement of this vision,
Shreya aims to be a world-class integrated pharmaceutical
and biotechnology business organization.

The years ahead will see
Shreya consolidating & growing its activities
in areas spanning the spectrum of
Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Businesses:
R&D, Manufacturing, Marketing and Geographical
Presence in key global pharmaceutical markets.

Shreya will work towards achieving
the planned business objectives through
a combination of organic and inorganic growth strategies.

Shreya is a strong believer in the
business philosophy of "Partners & Partnerships".
This philosophy guides Shreya's approach towards its people
and all its business alliances.

Shreya owes its success to its people
and believes that its future will be built around its people
who are Shreya's "first partners".
At Shreya, we have no employees
and no people bias-caste, colour, creed or gender.
We are all one and "Associates"
Shreya is the Sanskrit word for "excellence".
Shreyaites are pledged to business ethics
of the highest norms & are committed to
delivering quality products & services that are of
customer expectations - surpassing standards.

At Shreya we believe that profits are
the just rewards of our efforts and essential for
the continued success and perpetuity of our Organization.