International Business

Shreya Life Sciences Pvt.Ltd.,

Shreya Life Sciences Moscow, Russia began its operation in 2002.

Shreya Life Sciences, Russia deals in Prescription products, OTC products & Generic products. Shreya has to its credit 55 product registrations & its marketing these products through its own field force. These products are sourced through 100% EOU facility of Shreya at Aurangabad, India.

Marketing Setup :

Shreya Life Sciences, Russia has pan Russian Operations with a field force of 160 detail men covering more than 16000 doctors for prescription product business.

Major speciality segments covered are – Physicians, Gastroenterologists, Gynaecologists and Paediatricians.

The efforts of the detail men are backed by : Product Management Team, Market Research, Medical Dept., Regulatory Affairs and Training Dept.

Distribution Setup:

Shreya Life Sciences Russia operates through six nationally operating major distributors which ensure efficient and timely availability of products across the nation for Prescription products, OTC products & Generic products. In turn these six distributors supply to more than 25000 retail pharmacies (aptekas). In addition, products are also distributed through the approved list of Public Distribution System of the Russian Government.

The different category of products for Russian market are :

Prescription Products :

OTC Products :

Generic Products :

Shreya Life Sciences Pvt Ltd.,
Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Shreya has recognized the business potential of Uzbekistan due to the gold, uranium, potassium and natural gas rich resources of the country.

Shreya Life Sciences operates through its own office based at Tashkent & has its own marketing operations which commenced in 2007. Presently the market of Uzbekistan has 24 registered products & is covered through a team of 32 people.

Shreya Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.,
Kiev, Ukraine

Shreya Life Sciences has its own base in Ukraine at its capital Kiev. The 8 main cities of Ukraine are covered by Shreya’s own field force of 10 people.

The product portfolio is similar to that as in Russia.16 products are registered in Ukraine.

Shreya Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.,
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Operations of Shreya Life Sciences in Kazakhstan commenced in the year 2005. These operations are managed through Shreya’s office at Almaty- nation's largest city. 3 Products are registered & 12 are under registration. 7 associates of Shreya are spear heading the efforts in this Market.

Shreya Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.,
Minsk, Belarus

Republic of Belarus, in Eastern Europe has immense potential which is targeted by Shreya through its operations managed by its office at the capital Minsk.

Shreya has 15 products which are registered in Belarus & 4 more are under registration.

Shreya Operations in Azerbaijan

Shreya sees a potential opportunity coming up in this oil-rich country in the near future and as a part of its strategic intent, Shreya has already registered 15 products & marketing operations commenced from 2007 onwards. Presently Shreya is operating through its Distributor in Azerbaijan.

In rest of the countries currently Shreya is operating through its Distributors.

Shreya Operations in Africa

In Africa, Shreya has its operations in Ethiopia, Cameroon, Kenya, Sudan, Angola, Congo & Zimbabwe.

In Kenya 7 products are registered & 5 more are under registration. Ethiopia has 2 registered products including Recosulin (Insulin) & 11 more are under registration.

In Cameroon & Congo our presence is through 5 products which are registered.

Shreya Operations in Latin America

In Latin America, Shreya's presence is in Cuba, Ecuador, Columbia & Dominican Republic. In Cuba one product is registered wheras in Ecuador 4 products are under registration.

Shreya Operations in South East Asia

Shreya’s operations in South East Asia include Vietnam, Combodia, Sri Lanka, Nepal & Bhutan. In Nepal we operate through our own field force & have 8 product registrations including Recosulin (Insulin). In Sri Lanka 3 products are registered & 11 more are under registration.

Regulatory Affairs in Shreya
Shreya's International Business Team is strongly backed by its Regulatory team, which provides support in product registration, not only to the emerging markets, but also in regulated markets. This team regularly prepares dossiers in CTD format for countries in which Shreya operates:



South - East Asian countries

Shreya Product Registration in International Market :