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Product NameComposition
BeneficialeEach soft gelatin capsule contains L-Arginine 13.28 mg,L-Isolucine 5.90 mg,L-Leucin 18.30 mg, L-Lysine HCL 25 mg, DL-Methionine 5 mg, L-Threonine 4.20 mg, L - Valine 6.70 mg, L-Tryptophan 5 mg, L-Phenyl alanine 5 mg, Reduced Glutathione 1 mg, Cholecalciferol 200 IU, Vitamin A 2500 IU, Alfa tocopherol acetate 7.50 IU, Vitamin B1 5 mg, Vitamin B2 3.00 mg, Nicotinamide 25 mg, Vitamin B6 1.50 mg, Vitamin B12 2 mcg, Calcium pantothenate 16.30 mg, Ascorbic acid 50 mg, Folic acid 200 mcg, Sodium seleni
CSN Capsules Each soft Gelatin capsule contains Folic acid 1 mg ,Vitamin B6 3mg , Mecobalamin 500 mcg,Omega-3 fatty acids 150 mg, Vitamin E 200mg , Vitamin C 150 mg,Co-enzyme Q 10 10 mg
DSN Capsules Each hard gelatin capsule contains L-lysine 250 mg, L-Arginine 50 mg,Reduced Glutathione 1mg , Chromium Nicotinate 200 mcg , Vitamin C 150 mg ,Vitamin E 100 mg ,Vitamin B1 1.5 mg, Vitamin B2 1 mg , Vitamin B6 2mg , Vitamin B12(Mecobalamin) 500 mcg , Folic acid 1 mg, Zinc sulphate 41.16 mg ,Selenium 81.76 mcg , Cu 14.30 mg , Mn 20.25 mg
Feotab tabletEach enteric coated tablet contains ferrous ascorbate 275 mg + folic acid 1000 mcg + vitamin C 150 mg + Methylcobalamine 10 mcg
IMFERON 10ml InjectionEach ml contains Iron Dextran eq. to elemental Iron 50mg
IMFERON 2ml InjectionEach ml contains Iron Dextran eq. to elemental Iron 50mg
IMFERON F12 KIT InjectionEach ml contains Iron Dextran eq. to elemental Iron 50mg, Vitamin B12 I.P. 500mcg, Folic Acid I.P. 2.5mg
Imferon LiquidEach 5ml Contains: Elemental Iron (as Carbonyl Iron) 25mg, Folic Acid I.P. 500mcg, Cyanocobalamin I.P. 6mcg, Elemental Zinc 11mg (as Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate U.S.P.)
Whole Liver Extract InjectionEach ml contains Liver fraction 1 derived from 8 g of fresh liver containing Vitamin B12 activity equivalent to NLT 2 mg of Cyanocobalamine and lignocaine Hcl I.P. 1% w/v, Benzyl alcohol I.P.1% w/v Phenol 0.5%w/v, Water for Injection IP.